We launched our new canning services in February 2017.

We are delighted to launch our new canning services. With our newly installed Eurostar rotary canning line we are now able to offer the same quality of service with cans that we offer with our bottling facility.

Our Eurostar canning line is an isobaric filler with CO2 injector to ensure that each can is filled to the same quality, same carbonation and with minimum oxygen uptake.

With a variety of storage and conditioning choices available and the knowledge that we are a SALSA accredited facility our customers can be confident of the quality and shelf life of beer packaged with us.

Sales Enquiries

Our facility can offer a flexible bottling service, incorporating different bottle sizes (500ml or 330ml), label sizes (full wrap or front, back and neck) and levels of filtration helping you to produce the best possible bottled product. We can also offer split runs with different bottle sizes, shapes, kegging or canning. Please contact us to find out more and discuss commercial details.